for coders by coders
Type / App Concept    Client / Personal     Technical / Photoshop

This is a simple code lookup & cheat sheet app that allows helps developers easily and quickly lookup various coding languages such as HTML, CSS, PHP, etc.

Kode UI Mobile View
Kode UI Perspective

lil yerk

evolution of a revolution
Type / Logo & Album Cover    Client / Artist: Lil Yerk     Technical / Photoshop & Illustrator

Lil Y.E.R.K is a new and upcoming rap artist located in Ohio. Not just an artist, he is a good friend and came to me to help him design his first album titled Evolution of a Revolution. The goal was to capture his love for for the finer things in life as well as show recognition and respect to the state he calls home and to those he collaborates with.

listen nowdownload albumLil YERK Album Mobile Art
Lil YERK LogoLil YERK Album Cover


stay smart. stay beautiful. stay fierce
Type / Image Manipulation    Client / Personal     Technical / Photoshop

My very first photomanipulation project. It all started with just a little dabbing around with a few brushes. Never figured it would turn into this. But, once finished I knew I was on to something. It is here I decided to go forth and fine tune my process.

free wallpaperPurchase printFierce Desktop and Mobile Wallpaper
Fierce Poster Close-up
Fierce Before and After


our home away from home
Type / Image Manipulation    Client / Personal     Technical / Photoshop

An art piece centered on the homeland known as Africa. Africa is the inspiration behind all of my artwork.

Free WallpaperPurchase printMotherland Desktop Wallpaper
Motherland Woman and Lion CloseupMotherland Environment Close-up


two designs, one classy masterpiece
Type / Image Manipulation    Client / Personal     Technical / Photoshop

This is a personal project. This portfolio template is geared towards photographers and designers. The design is based on diamonds and sharp edges to bring a unique and one of a kind look to the artists design piece.

Sharpfolio View on Desktop
Sharpfolio Desktop MockupSharpfolio Laptop Mockup
Sharpfolio Black and White Templates


rise above every circumstance
Type / Image Manipulation    Client / Personal     Technical / Photoshop

Total number of pieces: over 20. Number of hours: over 20. Times harddrive crashed and burned, just 1. This artwork almost wasn’t due to a hard drive failure. Thanks to having a back up, I was able to push this to release. The title itself did not come until close to the end of production. The situation that laid behind this artwork is special to me as it’s a reminder to no matter what, Rise above any situation.

Purchase printRise Desktop Wallpaper
Rise Background Close-upRise Warrior Close-upRise Chains and Rock Close-up
Rise Poster Render


The Two Shall Become One
Type / Image Manipulation    Client / Personal     Technical / Photoshop

Inspired by the biblical scripture: Genesis 2:24. I believe in unity, both in relationships as well as designs. This piece is a reflection of that.

free wallpaperPurchase printUnity Desktop Wallpaper
Unity Poster in Living Room
Unity Close-ups
Unity Lion Cubs

i am rhayven

creativity Is An Expression Of who I AM

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latest project

Website built using a modified Wordpress theme. The purpose of this site is to share the Gospel to others via a simple blog. The idea is to cover concepts within scripture that go often amiss within the church institution.

This is my personal quest to bring the Gospel to the people as well address the common misconceptions and ideas that have long been taught within the church institution.

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“Originality is the essence of true scholarship
creativity is the soul of the true scholar”

Nnamdi azkiwie

Creative works
seeing is indeed believing

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website template

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image manipulation

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image Manipulation

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Lil yerk

Album Cover & Logo

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Mobile App Concept  

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Image Manipulation

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image manipulation

“You can't use up creativity.
The more you use, the more you have.”

maya angelo

A Little Tale
about a creative birdie

My name is Rhayven and I am a 25 year old afrocentric graphic designer, image-manipulator, email design ninja, and Call of Duty master (well that last part not so much...but I am getting there). I am currently based in Cincinnati and the lead designer at the ever so talented FanMail Marketing.

You can catch me on Facebook, Instagram and Behance.

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