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Rhayven Coats

Web & Graphic Designer

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Website Template

  • Sharpfolio Home Version 1
  • Portfolio 2 Column
  • Shaprfolio Home Version 2
  • Sharpfolio Blog
  • Sharpfolio About

This is a personal project. This portfolio template is geared towards photographers and designers. The design is based on diamonds and sharp edges to bring a unique and one of a kinds look to the designers and/or the photographers art.

Project: Personal
Technical: Photoshop



Website Template

  • Greendragon Homepage
  • Greendragon Home Closeup
  • Greendragon Sushi Menu
  • Greendragon Food Menu
  • Greendragon Menu Close Up

Green Dragon is a unique theme tailored towards the food industry, particularly restaurants. The idea was inspired by my love for sushi and steak.

Project: Personal
Technical: Photoshop



Website Template

  • Circular Homepage Red
  • Circular Homepage Closeup
  • Circular Homepage Blue
  • Circular Blog

This is a personal project. The idea of this template was to create a potential website based primarly around the idea of circles.

Project: Personal
Technical: Photoshop


Gods Greater Glory Flyers

Flyer Promo

  • Gods Greater Glory Community Festival 2012
  • Gods Greater Glory Revival 2012
  • Gods Greater Glory Gospel Banquet 2013

A small collection of flyers created for the church.
1. Community Festival - The Community Festival is an event that is held every year in Cincinnati.
2. Refresh Renew Revive - Every so often God's Greater Glory partners up with other churches.
3. Gospel Banquet - This flyer promoted a fundraiser event.

Client: Gods Greater Glory Apostolic Church
Project: Freelance
Technical: Photoshop



Poster Exploration

  • Botanical Poster Full View
  • Botanical Poster Closeup

This is a botanical poster with the focus on strawberries. For this project, a specific fruit and at least four health benefits had to be displayed in the form of a poster to inform consumers about the benefits of said fruit.

Project: Freelance
Technical: Illustrator, Photoshop


Various Logos

A Collection of Logos

  • Yerk, A Rappers Logo
  • Vito Thorton, Videographer Logo
  • Profective, Cleaning Company Logo

A small collection of logos created in 2013.
1. Y.E.R.K - Stands for Yung Mill, Eddie Rico, Rick E Flare & Keeng Goofa. These are the rap/nicknames a rap artist had accumulated in his life.
2. Vito Thorton - A friend of mine wanted and needed a logo to promote themself as a king of the camera.
3. Profective - Logo for a growing cleaning company

Project: Freelance
Technical: Illustrator



Moblie App Exploration

  • Kode Logo
  • Kode Logo and Opening Page
  • Kode Logo and Opening Page
  • Kode Description
  • Kode Details

This is a simple code lookup & cheat sheet app that allows helps developers easily and quickly lookup various coding languages such as HTML, CSS, PHP, etc.

Project: Personal
Technical: Photoshop



Official Website

  • Homepage Upclose
  • Sermons Page
  • Sermon Example
  • Ministries Page

This website is a redesign of Gods Greater Glory’s old website. The church wanted the redesign because they wanted to connect more with people. Information about the church was added, updated, and was given a complete design overhaul.

Client: Gods Greater Glory Apostolic Church
Project: Freelance
Technical: Photoshop & Dreamweaver

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Who Am I


My name is Rhayven Coats and I am a web & graphic designer operating in Cincinnati, Ohio . I specialize in creating websites, identities and other wonderful things.

What I Like To Do


I love to learn all sorts of things and I have become a resource of random information. When I am not designing I am an avid researcher, music listener and video gamer.

What I Really Do


I code using HTML5 , XHTML & CSS3.I use Photoshop, Illustrator & Dreamweaver faithfully. Currently I am in the process of learning Wordpress and responsive design.

Lets Keep In Touch

Do You Have A project and would like to work on it with me?